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Great Extension for Magento developers old and new.. Commerce Bug

I have just bought and installed an extension for Magento that has already saved me more time than the software cost and I've only had it a day.

Commerce Bug 2 is a must have for anyone from a Magento Professional to someone who is just dabbling in styling or formatting their online store.

Here is the link to the Magento Connect page for Commerce Bug 2.

Once installed - you access the control panel in Admin or Frontend by clicking on:

Here are 2 of the most useful things I have found so far:

1. You can 'Clear the Magento Cache' easily from your Frontend or indeed when you're in an obscure menu in Admin.

2. The next most useful function for me is the ability to show the displayed blocks on a page and where they exist on the server - this function alone has saved me time going through the folder structure of Magento. I now have a sense of purpose rather than the usual sense of wondering whether I have remembered the correct folder!! 

As the extension is personal and not domain specific - this is well worth the $50 for anyone who needs to play with even basic functionality within Magento.

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